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Taxory is a Canadian accounting firm, based in Ontario.

We are a professional Canadian accounting firm providing Full Cycle Accounting Services, primarily in Ontario, Canada. We mainly work with small businesses that are looking for quality but, at the same time, affordable accounting services. Use the button below to schedule a free introductory call and learn more about Taxory and our services.

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Taxory is an accounting firm in Ontario, Canada

Taxory is a Canadian accounting firm based in Ontario, so most of our clients are Ontario-based corporations. However, nothing prevents us from providing services to clients in different provinces across Canada, so do not hesitate if you come from Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia or any other area. When we provide our accounting, bookkeeping and tax services, we are confident that our exceptional services help you spend more time growing your business and less time working on your books.

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Taxory was founded in 2013 by professional accountant Anna Grigoryan. During her career, Anna spent most of her time in the public accounting sector, providing high-quality services to small business owners. When she opened her own company, she continued to work in the same area, so Taxory specializes in providing accounting services to small businesses. At Taxory, our competitive advantage is our experience, we understand what questions you may have or typical issues you face that allow us to provide a better quality of services at a reduced cost.

We have experience with dozens of industries and serve clients in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and the rest of Canada.
While we provide services to individuals and medium-sized corporations, 80% of our clients are small business owners. We provide our services to many truck drivers, software companies, independent IT consultants, real estate and restaurant businesses, construction, farming, and beauty salons.

The main office of our company is located in Mississauga, Ontario. However, most of our communication is over the internet, and we seldom meet our clients in person.

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Top-rated accountant firm in Canada, well-reviewed on Google.

Finding the right accounting firm is a challenging task. You will work with the same accounting company for many years, so you must be sure the firm you choose is the right one.

Unless you get a recommendation from someone you know, you have to rely on other people’s experiences. Google reviews provide tremendous value for somebody looking for an accounting firm.

Taxory is one of the best accounting firms in Canada. We are well-reviewed on Google and proud to provide high-quality services to our clients.

Anna has been amazing with me and my organization's taxes. My tax return was NOT easy. She did the research. She called the CRA. She walked through everything with me;... read more

Nancy Tavares-Jones Avatar Nancy Tavares-Jones
June 25, 2021

Anna helped me shut down my one-man corporation after my previous accountant ghosted me. She quickly picked up the trail and not only filed the final return but did all... read more

Matt Crider Avatar Matt Crider
June 25, 2022

Anna filed my corporate taxes for 2020. As she made the process very easy, I asked that she file my corporate and personal taxes for 2021. Once again an excellent... read more

Robert Avatar Robert
June 25, 2022

I needed a knowledgeable accountant to do my corporate taxes, and decided to reach out to Anna based on other positive reviews on Google. She was responsive, efficient and... read more

Leighton C Avatar Leighton C
June 25, 2022

I had a great time working with Anna for my corporation tax returns. Thank you for the patience and guidance. Very professional. I surely recommend Taxory.

Thiago Valente Avatar Thiago Valente
December 25, 2022

Anna / Taxory provides accounting services to our company and we are more than happy with her service. She is prompt, responsive and super professional. She has been... read more

Marc Ronne Avatar Marc Ronne
October 25, 2022

Anna Grigoryan, CEO of Taxory, public accountant

Anna, the CEO of Taxory

Anna Grigoryan, CEO of Taxory, a Canadian public accounting firm.

Anna is a professional public accountant and co-founder of Taxory – a Canadian accounting firm. Anna started her career a long time ago as a bookkeeper and, over the years, grew as a professional accountant capable of handling small business owners’ accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs.
In addition to her education abroad, Anna graduated with honours from Humber College, where she studied Business Accounting. Over the last few years, she completed multiple advanced courses related to business accounting at CPA Ontario to keep up to date with the accounting fields. Anna encourages learning and sharing ideas and is always open to new working methods provided by modern technologies.

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While our specialization is small businesses, we also provide services to medium and large corporations in various industries. For an accounting company, it does not matter if you are a small retail store with just a couple of employees or a large manufacturing company with dozens of employees; the core principles of our work and Canadian tax law are the same. However, exposure to multiple industries and types of clients allows us to anticipate your issues or questions. Based on our experience, we know how to minimize the risks and maximize your profit.

Geographically our clients are primarily concentrated in Ontario, with the majority of the clients located in the Greater Toronto Area. Still, we also have many clients from other Canadian provinces, where a substantial portion comes from Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

We specialize in providing accounting services to small businesses, and that category is about 80% of our clients, but we also work with individuals and medium-sized corporations.
It does not matter in which category your company falls. Were are confident our accounting firm can provide the best solution for your corporation.

Our accounting firm serves different clients. Taxory our clients
Our accounting firm provides high quality accounting and bookkeeping services in Canada

High-quality accounting & Bookkeeping services

Some of our clients are looking just for a specific service, such as accounting or bookkeeping services, and we are happy to help. However, most clients prefer to subscribe to one of our bookkeeping packages –  our complete accounting solution for their company. In such cases, we take care of all accounting, bookkeeping and tax tasks, such as:

It allows you to focus on the growth of your business, where we focus on all accounting-related tasks.

Unlike large accounting firms, we provide an individual approach to each client. We know your business in detail and can give advice tailored to your business. That is one of the many benefits of working with our firm.

When working with Taxory, you can expect

  • Quick turnaround
  • Phone & email support
  • Individual approach to each client
  • High-quality accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Handling communication with CRA on your behalf

Working with our accounting firm is a step in the right direction

Choosing the right accounting firm may be challenging, especially since there are dozens of good accounting firms in Canada. It is up to you to research and find the right partner for your business.
However, we know what makes our company stand out from the crowd, and if the above qualities are what you are looking for, give us a call or send a message and we would be happy to explain what our firm can do for you. When you are looking for a savvy accountant with a lot of experience, Taxory is the right place to reach out.

Choosing our accounting firm is the step in the right direction

Get in touch with our professionals and learn more about our company.

Still not sure if Taxory is the right accountant firm for you? Send us a message, and we will provide an introductory consultation to demonstrate how our company can help.

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