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High DPI Issue In Intuit Profile
  • Alex Shapovalov

    Alex Shapovalov

  • Friday, July 3, 2020 5:00 PM

High DPI issue on 4K monitor when using Intuit Profile

Nowadays, 4k monitors are something common, which most people use on their laptops or desktops. And while most of the companies are doing a good job adapting their software for high DPI monitors, the Intuit ProFile luck such support.

If you install ProFile to a computer with a UHD screen, for exampl…

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Is It Hard To File Your Own Taxes In Canada

Is it hard to file your own taxes in Canada?

Every year all Canadian residents have to put some time aside to prepare their taxes. For somebody who lives in Canada for many years, it is no longer a question, "how hard to file your taxes in Canada?" they already did it several times. But for somebody who never did it before and not familiar wit…

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Paying Taxes In Canada When Do Not Have A Job

In Canada, do you pay taxes when you do not have a job?

In Canada, like most of the countries, you have to pay taxes from the income provided by your job. But what happens when you do not have a job, do you still have to pay taxes?

In short, you have to pay taxes from your income, and even if you do not have a job, most likely, you have a different sourc…

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Tax Refund Tax Return

Tax return and tax refund. What is the difference?

When the tax season comes, it brings many terms that you do not use in day-to-day life. The most confusing is "tax return" and "tax refund". The terms used interchangeably very often, and while they both somehow similar, they are different. So what is the difference between a tax return and a tax re…

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Rrsp Contribution 2019 Tax Year

RRSP Contribution limit and the deadline for 2019 tax year

We are in the third week of 2020, and some of you may think if you have contributed enough to your RRSP into 2019, and what is the RRSP contribution limit in 2019?

What is the RRSP contribution deadline for the 2019 tax year?

The good news is the RRSP contribution deadline for 2019 is March 2nd, 202…

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