How much does accounting services cost?

Our accounting services fees

When looking for an accounting firm, the first question you probably ask is, "What are the accounting services fees, how much it will cost me?" You need to know in advance if you can afford it, what services included in the price, and if you get the best value for your money. We hope this page will fill the gaps. If you have any questions regarding our accounting fees, feel free to contact us, we are ready to help.

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If you are a new client coming from our website, you qualified for a 10% discount on your first payment. Just let us know if you want the discount applied to your invoice.

Accounting fees structure

Accounting fees for individuals and corporations

Our pricing designed to give both business owners and individuals what they need and when they need it. Whether you're an Individual, Solopreneur, or a Small Business organization, Taxory has best-in-class accounting & bookkeeping services.

For individuals

We provide income tax filing services for dozens of individual clients and all our business clients and their family members during tax season. The price varies depending on the amount of work we need to complete, and while our services are not cheap, they are affordable. You can find our income tax filing price down on this page.

For corporations

For corporations, we offer our services either on an hourly base, where we charge you for consulting and bookkeeping per hour and a flat fee for filing a corporate tax return. But a better option is to purchase a monthly package where we charge you a flat monthly fee, but it includes all your bookkeeping, phone or email consultation, and filing your tax return at the end of your tax year. You can learn more about our bookkeeping services and tax filing services.

Bookkeeping packages

Check out bookkeeping packages prices below. All packages include corporate tax filing for free.

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Corporate tax return price

We strive to provide the best accounting services for corporation in Mississauga.

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Personal income tax price

We provice quick and quality income tax return filing services.

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Bookkeeping packages for small business

Check out our bookkeeping packages, designed for businesses of all sizes. With any of the bookkeeping packages, we will file your corporate tax return for free.


small business
$250 per month

  • Designed for entrepreneurs, startups, or small businesses with basic bookkeeping needs.
  • 1 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
  • up to 10 Transactions per month
  • No Employee
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small, medium business
$450 per month

  • For businesses that need a bit more than basic bookkeeping. This is our most popular bookkeeping package.
  • up to 3 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
  • up to 50 Transactions per month
  • up to 2 Employees
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medium, large business
$750 per month

  • Ideal for bigger businesses with more complex bookkeeping needs.
  • up to 10 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
  • up to 200 Transactions per month
  • up to 10 Employee
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Corporate tax return cost

How much corporate tax return cost?

Taxory provides corporate tax return filing services.

File corporate tax return for just $1,350

We can file your corporate tax return for just $1,350. In most cases, it includes basic year-end bookkeeping and closing the year. If the client has not done bookkeeping for the year at all, we will charge extra for the bookkeeping so that the final amount will vary. If you need both bookkeeping and accounting, we suggest looking into our bookkeeping packages, where you pay a small monthly fee, and we will complete all bookkeeping and file your corporate tax return for free.

What is the price to file income tax?

We provide personal tax return filing services.

Income tax price starts from $120

The price for income tax filing varies on the complexity of your return. When you have just a single source of income, for example, just employment income (T4), we consider that a "basic" tax return and the price is $120. But in the case of multiple incomes, such as rental income, dividends, foreign income, the price will be higher. To find out the exact amount we would require you to provide all income supporting documents, just let us know, and we will send you a checklist.

Income tax price

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